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What do you get when you take two overly-organized, Type A (yet totally indecisive) creative minds?

The [BLANK] Creative, that’s what.

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Michelle Russo

Creative Director + Co-Founder

Growing up, Michelle was always certain of two things: she is a member of the Hufflepuff House, and that she wanted a job in the fashion industry. After acquiring a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Michelle had the honor of doing just that. She worked hard and found herself designing for brands including Henri Bendel, Steve Madden and Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet to name a few. Fun fact: She also quickly adapted to the city-chic style, and is rarely seen deviating from her trademark color palette of black, white and grey.⁣

During her time in corporate, it became clear to Michelle that her true passion was in the design process as opposed to the actual tangible product she was creating. This is what inspired her to establish And Simple Things Design . Always a supporter of all things local, Michelle found herself thriving creating logos, websites and social media graphics for countless small businesses across Long Island. In the last few years, she’s been able to help them establish brand identity and bring her clients’ visions to life.⁣

As Creative Director at The [BLANK] Creative, Michelle oversees all aspects of anything creative here. She combines innovation, her technical knowledge of graphic design, and her meticulous nature to create everything from aesthetically pleasing logos to Shopify websites and everything in between. If you want to get on her good side, Michelle is fueled by iced coffee, donuts, and Italian cuisine!

The Story.

We were both born, raised, and are still living on Long Island, NY. Our mutual status of being local nano-influencers found us at some of the same events, and a friendship soon developed. Based on a foundation of a shared love of Harry Potter, iced coffee and digital content creation, our friendship gradually evolved into a constant collaboration; helping one another with photo shoots, the creation of Christina’s blog and logo, and consistently asking one another for creative input.⁣

Over time, Michelle found she had graphic design clients asking for social media management and content creation, or help with copywriting. Christina had people reaching out to her mentioning they needed help with their websites and graphic design needs. Ultimately, we decided to join forces, knowing the other possesses the strengths we need to be able to offer someone the entire package.⁣

⁣Our inability to make any real decisions other than avocado toast vs French toast bites (who says you can’t have both, anyway?) led us to the vague name we have today. We allow you to fill in the [BLANK] and let us know what you need! Whether you’re looking for social media assistance (or full-on management), updating your website, or are just starting out and establishing your brand, we’e here to help!

Christina Limmer

Social Media Director + Co-Founder

From a young age, Christina was interested in all things creative. Beginning at 4 years old, she would insist on picking her own outfits (there is photo evidence of a young gap-toothed Christina proving that polka dots and stripes can, in fact, mix!) She spent her childhood and adolescence writing short stories, performing on stage, and drawing—constantly searching for any creative outlet she could find and thriving more often than not. She even convinced her parents to sign her up for private art classes with late Disney artist Al Baruch.⁣

Christina attended FIT to study Fashion Merchandising Management, but after time opted to switch her focus to another love of hers. She pursued a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, with the intention of marrying her love of fashion and writing. Hello, it’s no secret that she basically wanted—and still wants—to be Carrie Bradshaw. This was the driving force behind launching her personal blog, and she has had the honor of doing exactly that in writing for Making It In Manhattan. Christina has also developed a passion for photography and digital content creation as a whole. She enjoys creating interesting, fun and informative content, and is always trying to learn from other creators.⁣

As Lead Editor at The [BLANK] Creative, Christina utilizes her communication skills to put others’ thoughts into words, and helps to create photo and video content for clients. Her brain is powered mostly by Red Bull, Gummy Nerds Clusters (or any sweet candy for that matter) and the occasional turkey bacon and cheddar sandwich from Starbucks. Oh, and 80’s music.... lots of 80’s music.



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